What if…….

I have been thinking about this blog since last April (2012).  Gathering furniture, supplies, paint, etc…thinking and planning, and planning and thinking some more about how I am going to start a small business, build a website, and start a blog.

Those who know me, know I’m an analyzer. Boy can I talk something full circle, and then talk about it some more, then talk it into the ground, dig it back up, and talk some more. I think you get the idea.  But I usually jump first, talk later.  So why then am I taking SO long to start this blog?

I have painted a lot of furniture

NielDresserRed (crop)-horz

sold a lot


kept a lot



did custom orders


built a website that has been ready for weeks, and created a Facebook page that is sitting with no likes because I haven’t told anyone about it.



My brother made the comment the other day…..

“Maybe you’ve slowed down because this is something you really want to do and not like the gung-ho whims you’ve done before. Just saying………..”

Gung-ho whims???? Who???? Me????

Wellll….I’m just sayin’…….he’s right.  This IS something I really want to do. It is something that is really important to me. And, well, quite frankly, I’ve been a little scared of the what if’s.  And that is VERY unlike me.


But something happened two days ago.  My son sold his first piece of painted furniture. His design, his effort, his sale!   He handled the transaction very well, and I saw a spark in him.


One of the big reasons that I had wanted to get a business off the ground was for my kids. So we could share in the process together. Teach them how to build a business and follow their dreams.  Being more excited for his first sale than any I had ever made, made me realize…”Jeanne-It’s time to move forward.” Here is the “what if” I should be afraid of…”What if I don’t get moving?”


So today is the day!  My first blog post! 

And to add to my excitement… today I am going to visit Fabulous Finishes!  I have to make a trip to the Detroit area so I thought I’d seize the opportunity and swing by their shop.

So…on that note….I’m out!



10 thoughts on “What if…….

  1. Good for you Jeanne your work looks great to bad I don’t live closer I would def come see more of your work and probably own a pice or 2 and it shows you take pride in your work. Best of luck in everything you do.( you go girl)

  2. Jeanne,
    You read my mind exactly. I feel the same way. I’m just starting to paint. I love the idea and wonder if there are too many people doing it, why would anyone want what I paint? I work full-time and go to school full-time. Shopping is my therapy so I feel I have to find a way to turn them around so I have the need and the means to shop another day.

    Please know I’m envious and like others have said, your pieces are beautiful and you have the drive so you will be nothing but successful.

    Good luck, (even though you don’t need it!)
    Jamie in Allegan

    1. Jamie…seems you read my mind too —–
      ” love the idea and wonder if there are too many people doing it, why would anyone want what I paint?”

      I was actually going to do a blog post on that very thing soon! Check back for that post…it might be helpful to you! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your kind words!!!!!! It really means a lot!

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